I’m Melanie Biehle, a Seattle-based graphic designer, photographer, writer, and artist. I use my Journal to showcase my work and creative process, share the things that inspire me creatively – contemporary art, graphic design, photography, color palettes, mood boards, travel – and write about life in Seattle with the Adventure Club (aka, my husband and three-and-a-half-year-old son).

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Archives: 2009-2014


I’m an Editorial and Commercial Content Creator and Creative Consultant that helps companies and publications share their stories and values and launch new products through writing, photography, and graphic design.

My favorite projects to work on are:

  • Graphic design, photography, and art for books, magazines, or websites
  • Conceptualizing and designing product lookbooks
  • Creating press/media or sales kits
  • Abstract paintings or collages with customized color palettes for your business or home

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