Turning an idea into a product, a company, and a brand is a journey – so is growing an engaged customer base to buy the things that you sell.

If you know how to communicate with your customers and provide value much more often than you push your products, you’ll create brand loyalists that will grow to love you so much that they’ll feel compelled to tell the world how awesome you are.

I’m Melanie Biehle, a professional storyteller and artist who helps visually creative companies share their products and brand in a way that ultimately drives sales.

My expertise in psychology and marketing along with my creative skills allow me to serve your business in a unique way right from the start.

I develop your digital creative strategy by using both marketing and design principles to craft the type of stories that communicate your brand and get people excited about what you’re offering.

My job is to help you pinpoint what makes your company special, find and tell stories that will resonate with your target consumer in an authentic way, and determine how you can communicate all of this both verbally and visually to stand out in our short-term attention span modern world.



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