Hella Sad

Photo by Brooke, Pinkening of Photo by Melanie*
You know when you have those rare moments when you are lucky enough to meet people that you instantly like? That’s how I felt when I first met Brooke last year. She was new at work and I met her when I happened to finally go to one of the monthly lunch outings. Umm…hello, I have to eat lunch at my desk so I can read blogs. Anyhoo, she’s one of those few warm, instantly likable, hilarious people that can nearly make you blow Thai noodles from your nose from cracking up. 
Not too long after I met Brooke, I went on maternity leave. By the time I got back and settled in to being a working mom and got my mental shit together, it was January. Brooke and I finally made good on our plans to go to lunch, and not too long after our first “date” we started the bi-weekly Brooke and Melanie’s Super Fun Friday Lunch where we would stuff ourselves with food, coffee, and fun, interesting, and witty conversation. We’re hilarious, trust us.

Dear Brooke is moving back to Portland on Friday (after our frozen yogurt outing) and I’m going to miss her so much! I feel like we had just started down the road of fun. We’ll keep in touch and visit each other, but it won’t be the same as having a regular Super Fun Friday Lunch. 
The one cool thing that could come of this is our plan to work on a creative project together. We’ve talked about some ideas, and I’ll fill you guys in on it once it’s ready to go. We have to give Brooke time to move and get settled into her new place and job. Gosh, get off her back already! She’s busy right now!

I’ll miss you, dearest Brooke! I’d better hear from you often, or I may result to stalking. Or at least cyber stalking. Or prank calling. Or ordering pizzas and having them delivered to your house. Really gross pizzas like caramelized fly wing pizza. Or matted cat hair pizza. Or jalapeno jellybean lemon hot dog pizza. Or worse.

*Are we serious when we say “hella”? No. Last week Brooke thought we were going to some place for lunch called “Hella Thai” and ever since then it’s been all “hella” and “holla” on our end. The photo that she sent me on Sunday of the lovely automobile that I pinkified above cracked me up. Seriously, who puts double hellas on their truck? Or even one hella?