Blogspiration: Mighty Girl

Maggie Mason’s Mighty Girl has been around since 2000, but I’ve only had the pleasure of discovering it recently. I love the way her blog is organized, and her logo is fantastic.

Maggie has a Mighty Life List of 100 things she plans to do while she’s on this earth – stuff like ride a camel in the desert, make a font, spend the night in a bookstore, help someone get into or through college, and gather a few dozen people to blow bubbles from the Golden Gate Bridge. She’s completed some of her goals through sponsorship by major companies, and she’s also inspired others to create their own life lists.

Maggie is also a great source of information. Are you tired of those ugly, clunky, still-need-to-carry-a-purse camera bags and wonder if there are other alternatives? Ask Maggie. She’ll have a great idea! Are you looking for some cool design blogs? Check out Maggie’s 15 Influential Design Blogs list and read the comments sections for more suggestions from her readers.

But wait, there’s more. Maggie and Laura Mayes co-founded Mighty Events, which include Camp Mighty and the Mighty Summit, where you can make connections with others and draw some inspiration to help you do what you want to do most.

Thanks for providing us with such great content, Maggie! We’re lucky to have you out there.

Note: I’m planning to start adding a brief Q&A to the Blogspiration and Art I ♥ posts so we can get to know these fantastic bloggers and artists a little bit better. Hopefully I’ll get some interview responses soon!