Photography Composition and Photoshop (and a Discount!)

I know. I wrote about ecourses yesterday. I told you I’m obsessed! But just humor me today and I swear I won’t mention ecourses for a while. Even though they’re awesome.

This summer while I was on vacation, Emily from Peck Life contributed a super helpful guest post that included some of her favorite clip art resources for bloggers. was on that list!

A few weeks ago I got an email from the very friendly Tristina at who wanted to let you guys know about some cool online classes that they’re hosting, and…shh…give you a special Inward Facing Girl reader rate for some of them. Take a look at what they have to offer.

Advanced Photography Composition –  Person, Place, Event, or Thing is open for registration now. The class will focus on the artistic side of taking a photograph, and we all know how important it is for bloggers to take good photos.

This brand new four week class will teach you about basic compositional rules, color theory, editorial portraits, photographing an event, compositional rules on location, and tabletop photography. The class is taught by Candice Stringham

Some other classes that you guys might be interested in are part of the photo editing series. If you sign up for any (or all!) of these three photo editing courses you can use the Inward Facing Girl code below to get your special discounted rate.

Photo Editing 1: Good to Great: This class will teach you basic photo editing techniques and help you learn when to use them. Even if you’re a self-taught photo editor, Jessica has some amazing tricks that will have you editing smarterfaster, and better than before. Check out the course outline!

Photo Editing 2: Frame-ups & Special Effects: Want to learn some cool Photoshop techniques, like how to use brushes, masks, frames, and special effects with layers? Photo Editing 2 might be the course for you. You’ll get 13 lessons and, like all classes on, have access to the lessons forever. You can go back and watch the videos as many times as you want, whenever you want.

Photo Editing 3: Advanced Portrait Editing: Do you do a lot of portrait photography and wish you knew more about brightening your subject’s eyes, softening backgrounds, smoothing skin, and correcting problem spots? This advanced course could give you what you need to take your portraits to the next level.

If you’d like to take any of these photo editing classes just enter IFGOctober and you’ll get 20% off the registration price this month. This offer expires on October 31, 2012, so sign up soon!

Want to test drive a class for free before making a commitment? The Photoshop Top 5: Five Techniques Everyone Should Know lesson is available for you to try. It’s slanted more towards digital scrapbooking, but could be a good introduction to the classes and helpful for new Photoshop users who want to learn about some of the basic tools. 

So, what do you think? Think you’ll sign up for a class or two? If so, let me know which ones you end up taking! 

Tomorrow…no ecourses. I promise.


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