Roadhouse Relics Neon Art in Austin, Texas

You know someone is your true friend when she agrees to “do something silly” in front of a huge sign. Thanks, Court! xoxo

Hey, ya’ll! I can say ya’ll because I grew up in the South. Just saying. I have to tell you guys about Roadhouse Relics, the South Austin gallery of artist Todd Sanders.

I’ll start off with wow, it’s cool.

Courtney and I spied it during our girl time mission of checking out shops, having coffee, drinking wine, and chatting, while Drew and Ken took Nathaniel to see some peacocks and let him “fall” into a fountain. Which one sounds like more fun?

I’m kind of obsessed with photographing the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, so when I saw the huge chicken and the Austin sign peeking over the fence behind the building, I knew I had to go in.

Todd is an extremely talented self-taught artist who specializes in handmade vintage-inspired neon designs. His work has been featured in films and  magazines, and I would love for it to be featured in my living room someday.

I love Todd’s modern vintage style.

Later when I was looking through

my Instagram feed

I realized that Courtney and I had written the same caption while we were taking photos behind the building. “This place is awesome.”

Now I know why there are so many cool neon signs in Austin.