Creative Coworking and Community At Makeshift Society

I love that we live in a time where talented, smart, creative people can have a vision, create a plan, and get their dreams funded by asking the world for a little bit of help. Rena Tom and Bryan Boyer are working tirelessly to get Makeshift Society Brooklyn ready for it’s close-up. And guess what? We can help!

The funds raised in the Makeshift Society Kickstarter  will be used to build a creative tool lending library that will allow members to work on projects that they may not have had the means or space to complete on their own.

“The funds raised in this campaign will help us build a creative tool lending library for rental and onsite usage. A reference library of books and material samples, audio and video equipment for production and post-production, and art and design tools and supplies will help outfit the Clubhouse with shared, creative resources for making shi(f)t happen.”

You may be asking yourself why you should donate to a project that’s not in your neighborhood. Well…because I said so. Mom! Get off of my blog! But seriously…we can’t think like that.

Am I going to be able to reap the awesome rewards of working at Makeshift on a regular basis? No. Will I make it a point to pop in and work, meet people, attend events, and collaborate on projects when I find myself in Brooklyn or San Francisco? Probably. Will I join as a supporting member that receives information and resources that are not always location-specific? Most likely, yes. Will I help a talented, creative woman who freely hands out donuts poolside? You’d better freaking believe I will.

Supporting our fellow creatives is sometimes just that. Maybe we won’t be there to directly receive benefits from a project getting off the ground. But it’s not always about receiving something in return. It’s about giving creative people a chance to create. And I’m all about that.

You can read more about Makeshift Society in Design Observer and contribute to the Makeshift Society Brooklyn Kickstarter here. There’s only eight days left to say yes. xoxo