Art I Heart: Hannah Adamaszek

Last fall I received an email from UK artist Hannah Adamaszek who shared her awesome work with me. Hannah’s colorful portraits of strong women bring a feminine edge to the traditionally male-dominated world of street art.

Autumn Hill by Hannah Adamaszek

In 2012 Hannah took part in a street art movement called Brandalism, where twenty-six artists took over billboards across England with their own messages for the advertising industry.

The Pilgrim Screen Print by Hannah Adamaszek and Kristin Gaudio Endsley

The Pilgrim Screen Print by Hannah Adamaszek and Kristin Gaudio Endsley

Grimsby Street Art by Hannah Adamaszek

I love her sense of color.

Distant Winters by Hannah Adamaszek Summer Gone by Hannah Adamaszek White Bird by Hannah Adamaszek

You can purchase some of Hannah’s inspiring work from her online shop and keep up with her on her blog. Pick up some for me while you’re at it. I love them all.