The 52 Lists Project by Moorea Seal

The 52 Lists Project by Moorea Seal

The first time I met Moorea Seal we had breakfast at The Fat Hen in Seattle and I collaborated with her on her 52 Lists Project. At the time, it was a series of posts that Moorea was hosting on her blog, encouraging women and creatives everywhere to use them as a tool to explore, expand, and heal.

Flash forward two plus years and Moorea’s The 52 Lists Project is now a beautiful new journal filled with self-exploration ideas and inspiration. The book is divided up by season and you can start any time.

This morning I chose to complete List 39, the very last list of summer, List The Most Beautiful Things You Have Ever Seen. When I created this list I was overcome by gratitude for the things that I’ve been able to see in my lifetime. A few (just a few!) of the things that made it onto the list: the first time I saw my son and looked into his eyes – the moment he was placed on my chest immediately after he was born, the way my

husband looks at me when he feels love, the hills of Positano and the beautiful blues of the Mediterranean Sea, the landscape of Iceland, the view of the Pacific Ocean from the Pacific Coast Highway on the way to picturesque Point Dume in Malibu, countless works of art all over the world.

Just writing this list took me back to some of my favorite experiences and travels. The process of writing it down brought so much gratitude for all of the things I’ve had a chance to see. Learn more about the book on Moorea’s blog and start your own journey of self-exploration today!

Photography by Julia Manchik