Why I Quit the 100 Day Project…Again

Hand Drawn Blue Yellow Geometric Surface Design by Melanie Biehle

Let me start off by saying that this is not a sad story. Nor is it an, “Aw, Melanie! You can’t finish what you start!” guilt trip sort of thing. Because I don’t believe in guilt trips. Or “guilty” pleasures. I LIKE Pretty Little Liars, I LIKE listening to New Edition,… it’s just a PLEASURE. End of story.

I also don’t believe in finishing something just because you start it. I used to be the one who would trudge through a book that I made it halfway through just because I couldn’t bear to leave it unread – no matter how much I hated it. But I don’t have time for that kind of thing, nor place for it anymore. And it doesn’t bother me at all.

I have nothing to prove.

Well, I take that back a little…I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself, and myself doesn’t care if the past two years only led to me completing 15 or 16 days of The 100 Day Project. It’s the year before that that really matters to myself…um, I mean me…this is getting confusing…

Let’s pause and look at a pretty picture.


Hand Drawn Bright Geometric Surface Design by Melanie Biehle


So, what I was saying was that in 2016 and 2017 I reached a point in #the100DayProject where I feel like continuing to do the project was taking me away from my goals as an artist. My last completed 100 day project was #100GraphicPatterns in 2015, and that one changed my entire life and professional direction. Participating in the project gave me the immense gift of a daily art practice. Big shoes to fill in 2016 and 2017, right?! Now that I have a daily art practice and I have projects that I’m working on because of developing that daily art practice, it’s hard for me to “interrupt” it by doing a mandatory art exercise, even if it gives me pretty pictures like the ones in this post.

What I’ve learned from the past two years of taking on a long-term creative project and cutting out early is that a project has to be meaningful for me to stick to it. Participating in the project has to help me achieve something that I REALLY want. And that makes sense, right? I mean finishing something just to finish doesn’t really help anyone.

Now I will go back to experimenting in my own way and continue sharing my journey here and on Instagram. And today I encourage you to do the same.

Is there something that you REALLY want to and CAN let go of that you’re doing just out of a self-imposed obligation?


Consider this your sign and let it go.

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