Honeymoon in Italy Positano Amalfi Coast Original Painting by Melanie Biehle June 2016

Abstract Artist and Textile Print Designer

My work as a fine artist and surface and textile print designer flows together seamlessly. A color palette that begins in a series of gestural abstract paintings may end up on a duvet cover. Part of a mark making experiment in my sketchbook might show up later in an abstract cityscape painting or a womenswear scarf design.

I studied art at Gage Academy of Art in Seattle and completed courses in abstract composition, abstract painting, and abstract drawing. When I realized that my love for fine art and graphic design would be a perfect fit for textiles, I took surface and print design courses at Pattern Observer’s Textile Design Lab and Lilla Rogers Studio to learn how to translate my creative knowledge and experience to fabric and product design.

I work with a wide array of artist mediums, including oil, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, pastels, oil pastels, pens, and markers. Even my surface pattern and textile print designs start with traditional painting and drawing methods before I work with them in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Abstract Painting by Melanie Biehle | commission custom fine art

Let’s Work Together

To inquire about the availability of original art or print reproductions on my website, commission a custom abstract painting for your home or office, or hire me to develop surface pattern or textile print designs for your company or products, please contact me at melanie@melaniebiehle.com to tell me about your project. From there we can decide if it’s best to continue to communicate through email or schedule a phone or Skype meeting.

I do work with art consultants, so if you’re looking for a special piece or series for your clients, please get in touch. I also offer custom sized print reproductions of some of my work. If you are a gallery owner looking for new artists, I would also be excited to hear from you!

Learn more about the services I offer and see how to contact me.

One of the easiest questions I’m asked about my work is where I find inspiration.

Answer – everywhere.

In both sides of my creative work, I tend to approach color before form. I find inspiration through the adventure of travel, the architecture and energy of cities, and the fluidity, movement, and meditative qualities of oceans and lakes. My work is influenced by street art, 60s romantic comedies, collections of weathered rocks from the Puget Sound coast, vintage 50s mid-century modern abstract and geometric textiles, Southern California surf culture, and a splash of tarot and crystal mysticism.

Building my extensive inspiration library is a huge part of my creative process. I capture and collect color palettes, patterns, and motifs from all kinds of imagery, sources, and physical journeys. I draw and paste my collections into physical sketchbooks, save them in digital files, or store them publicly on my blog, Instagram, or Pinterest boards. My vast multimedia collection inspires my art narratives, abstract paintings, and textile print designs.

Comfort and Joy | Abstract Cityscape Mixed Media Painting by Melanie Biehle | watercolor, gouache, acrylic, ink | December 2016