It’s rare that you come across an all-around talent like Melanie! I hired her recently for a copywriting project after our successful mood board collaboration last year. She expertly crafted the voice and words to fit a new brand launch for one of my clients. I find that her broad experience gives Melanie the ability to simply tell stories no matter what the medium. I’m confident she would bring her strengths to any project or collaboration.

Nancy Herrmann

Creative Director, Beauty, Fashion, + Luxury Brands

With her unique combination of creative skills – including photography, art direction, graphic design, and copywriting, Melanie has played a key role in jump starting BEVÉE’s social media and e-marketing presence. She is honest, open and easy to work with. I highly recommend her to any young company looking to tell their story.

Sasha Muir, Founder of butter LONDON

Co-Founder and CEO, BEVÉE

Working with Melanie was like a dream. All of the ideas we had for stories were made into realities. We had great synergy and she represented the Bella Umbrella brand perfectly.

Jodell Egbert

Owner, Bella Umbrella

Thanks to her perfect mix of professionalism with a creatively fun spirit, I found it was always a pleasure working with Melanie. Her writing skills and her ability to take the time to understand the story needing to be told is superb. If you ever get a chance to work with her and utilize her skills and talent, seize the opportunity!

Wade Young

Executive Vice President of Operations, C4 R&D

Melanie is creative, thoughtful and an absolute joy to work with. Her ideas always surprise me in the best possible way. Melanie works social media pages LIKE A BOSS. AND…she has an amazing eye for design and style in all of her work!

Kelli Bielema

Owner, Shindig Events

Melanie is a star. Her humour and down-to-earth advice makes you feel like you’re working with a good friend. The way I see my writing has changed. FOREVER. Jump-Start Your Creative Spark gave me the courage I needed to show more personality in my writing. At first, I noticed the difference in my inbox. My emails were getting quicker, warmer replies. My blog readers started engaging more, and over two months doubled in number. To top it all off, the confidence to share my ideas has launched me into my dream career. The best part? Knowing Melanie follows her own advice.

Anna Simmonds

Crafter/Editor, Crafting Fingers

Melanie is a gem! She is smart, warm and approachable. Her marketing strategy was just what we needed to help us weed through the social media jungle and come up with an implementation plan that was right for us. I would highly recommend her services, she is worth every penny!

Maggie Burns

Co-Owner, re-souL

Personally, Melanie is a delight to work with – warm, engaging, and so supportive. I would recommend her without hesitation… I felt that her advice was geared specifically for me, and the site I was looking to create and promote.

Sheri Silver

Blogger, Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

Melanie has been freelancing for Seattle Refined, a KOMO News’ online magazine since it’s inception in February 2014. Her pieces are always on time, well written, insightful and have the perfect balance of personal voice and professional writing. Melanie’s strengths as both a writer and photographer make her pieces well-rounded and visual, leaving little to no editing necessary and making her a double threat. She is always willing to brainstorm ways to make Seattle Refined a better site, even if that means tweaking her beat.

Britt Thorson

Editor, Seattle Refined

Melanie’s mix of creativity with a pragmatic approach to fulfilling client needs was both unique and indispensable. Her analysis and interpretation of consumer response to content consistently led to actionable changes in marketing strategies for theatrical films.

Vincent Bruzzese


Melanie was a joy to work with on all levels: she is an expert in her field and showed us a variety of new and interesting ways to connect with our customers. We saw immediate results (within the first month) of putting her recommendations into practice.

Andie Powers

Co-Owner, Assemble Shop & Studio

Melanie is a creative, thoughtful and experienced online influencer and business woman. I have worked with Melanie on a number of blogger outreach campaigns, and she is always at the top of my list. Melanie knows how to execute an online strategic program that benefits her audience as much as the brand. If you need support for building an online presence, hire Melanie because she is both a skilled practitioner and consultant.

Sarah Bryden-Brown, Founder of

Entrepreneur, Blogstar

I wholeheartedly recommend Melanie Biehle to anybody looking for a gifted writer, designer, analyst, social media expert, market research professional and/or motion picture guru.

I worked with Melanie for many years at OTX when we were both in the Media & Entertainment Insights division. Melanie did an outstanding job managing a hefty workload of complex and time-sensitive theatrical research projects, including testing of trailers, promos, one-sheets, concepts and talent. She was always extremely buttoned-down, knew how to make the most of our online platforms, and was a particularly gifted analyst. Studios relied on her keen insights to make strategic decisions on their marketing campaigns and release strategies.

Beyond her strong project management skills and writing abilities, Melanie was always a joy to work with. Not only was she beloved by her immediate team, but she had a glowing reputation throughout the company for being knowledgeable, proficient, friendly, professional, polite, creative and incredibly fun to work with.

Since the time we spent together at OTX, it’s been a privilege seeing Melanie’s career flourish as a writer, designer and social media expert. Anybody seeking a creative professional who’s detail-minded, budget- and deadline-conscious and possessing great taste and strong insight into media, technology, social media and pop culture would would be well-advised to consider Melanie.

Aaron Paquette

Executive Vice President, Media & Entertainment, OTX