I have fifteen years of professional writing experience, including blog posts, feature-length essays, copywriting, strategic marketing plans, and screenwriting.

Here are a few samples of my work.

The Huffington Post | 2012-2015

What Judy Blume Taught Me about Writing | The Huffington Post, June 2015

The Introvert Travel Guide | The Huffington Post, May 2015

Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Women | The Huffington Post, July 2013

Actually, I Don’t Want My Life To Be Like An Audrey Hepburn Movie | The Huffington Post, December 2012

Business | 2013-2015

Give Yourself Permission | Inward Facing Girl, August 2013

What I Learned from Superman | Inward Facing Girl, July 2013

What I’ve Learned So Far | Inward Facing Girl, June 2013

How To Build Your Rejection Armor | Inward Facing Girl, May 2013

Charging (and Paying) What You’re Worth | Small Businesses Do It Better, January 2013

The Power of Women: How Community Builds Confidence and Success | Alt Summit Presentation, January 2013

Medium | 2015

Paris and Beirut and Everywhere | Medium, November 2015

Equals | 2013

I’m Grateful for My Specific Son | The Equals Record, November 2013 Bumping Into Ghosts | Equals Volume 1: Exploration, Fall 2013 | Download PDF

Books + Screenplay | 2013, 2005

Share Your Story, Sell Your Work | 2013 Jump-Start Your Creative Spark | 2013 Blog With Purpose Workbook | 2013 Running Mate Screenplay | optioned by Solipsist Films in October 2005 | Download PDF

Get Born | 2011-2012

“What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?” | Get Born, February 2012 Things I Won’t Make My Son Do | Get Born, December 2011

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