From the Stacks: Graphic Designer Aprile Elcich from HOW Magazine

Do you guys tear out lots of pages from magazines and stack them up everywhere? Me too! I knew there was a reason we were friends. I have tons of pages of cool stuff that I’ve accumulated over the last gazillion years that I want to share with you, but never get around to it. That’s why I’ve created a new column, From the Stacks. Now I HAVE to share some of my collection with you.

So, step into our interwebs time machine and travel back to January 2012 with me. We’re going to meet Aprile Elcich, an awesome designer from the January issue of HOW Magazine who was included in the 16 Emerging Creatives feature.

Aprile is a collage artist and graphic designer whose first job after graduation was a gig at Free People. Not too shabby, right?

In addition to her freelance work, April also runs collage blog Notpaper as well as her personal blog, What You Love. It’s fun to flip through her college thesis project too.

I’m sure you guys know why I like her. I dabble in collage myself, and really want to start experimenting with mixing the art I create on paper with my digital graphic design work.

Soon! xo