You’re My Obsession: Pantone, Photography, Pinterest, & Phonts*

Artful Blogging

I recently picked up my first copy of Artful Blogging. I thought I’d take a look at it on a recent trip, but as usual, I brought lots of books and magazines and ended up reading just one or two of them. I haven’t finished the Winter 2012 Issue yet, but I have found a couple of blogs that I normally wouldn’t see, given my current reading list. It’s so cool to discover new (to me) amazing photography.

For instance, you probably wouldn’t think that French Larkspur would be my kind of thing. Although, my husband keeps telling me that I’m starting to get into “prairie” stuff now. Note to Drew: Kinfolk is NOT prairie. Admittedly, some of the content doesn’t fit with my addiction to all things modern, but have you seen Tracey’s photographs? They’re beautiful. She’s extremely talented and I have fallen in love with her mad photography and styling skills.

Photo Credit: Tracey at French Larkspur

Another site that’s different from the design blogs I usually visit is A Rosy Note. I love Tricia’s photography. Plus, she likes stripey straws and sweets. While I probably won’t be cooking or baking anything in the near future, I will be visiting this blog for her gorgeous photos. Oh, and for recipes to send to my husband. Get cracking on these white chocolate raspberry muffins, Sweetie.

Photo Credit: Tricia at A Rosy Note

Latest Issues of Rue and Gray

I could write some things here, but what’s the point? You can look through both of these issues yourself, right now. I mean, when you finish reading my blog, of course. Read the latest issues of Rue (cover shot by Jen Gotch) and Gray soon.

Pantone Moods App

I’m a fan of all things Pantone. Seriously, WHEN am I going to get to stay in the hotel? My latest love is the Pantone Moods App on Facebook. You can select a color that represents your mood for the day and elaborate on why you chose it, if you want. So far in February, I’ve felt like this.

Pantone 17-1753Pantone 19-3933Pantone 16-1546What about you? If you decide to use it, come back here and leave a comment about what Pantone color your mood is, or drop by and tell me on Facebook.

Laughing Out Loud At My Husband

You guys, seriously. I almost choked on my own guffaws when the same man who wrote this post…wait for it…asked me…for…AN INVITATION TO PINTEREST!

I guess I should probably shut up, because he only has three pins so far and one of them is the recipe for these cookies. I definitely want to eat these soon.

January Phonts* from the Typodarium 2012 Calendar

You guys might remember my Typodarium 2012 calendar.

Here are a few of my favorite fonts from January:

Reklame Script     Allegra     Actium     January 8 is a type in progress by Ogentroost

Apolline PTF     Swagg     LiebeErika     Prana Pro     Aniuk     Acorde     Periódico

Lina     Suez designed by Jacques Le Bailly for Bold Monday     Display Ardent


*I know that fonts is spelled with an “F,” but how cool does my title look with all the Ps?