Melanie Biehle is a Seattle based visual artist inspired by the often opposing energy of the city and the sea.

Shapes of downtown Seattle while zooming through the city.
Watching the morning surfers on Venice Beach. Photo by Melanie Biehle.
My abstract paintings are fueled by exploring the world.

Up close, I zoom in on the shapes and patterns of architecture or coastal rocks. Taking a step back reveals an expansive view of endless ocean waves or gleaming architectural skylines.


Both views are essential in creating my abstractions – in mood and in content.

Painting is my creative method of choice.

In a former life, I wrote and optioned a romantic comedy screenplay and used my Masters degree in psychology and years of marketing experience to help major Hollywood movie studios market their films. Later I acquired skills in photography, art direction, and graphic design and wrote about artists, photographed inspiring studios and shops, and served as a marketing and graphic design consultant for other creative professionals.
After spending so much time immersed in the lives of working artists and designers, I began to consider my place in the creative landscape. This introspective period ultimately led to a visual art practice, starting with abstract composition and abstract painting courses at Gage Academy of Art in Seattle. Then I completed a 100 Day Project where I challenged myself to paint or draw graphic patterns for 100 days in a row.
That’s when my life started to change. I was hooked – and not just on the output I was creating.

Painting had a remarkable positive effect on my lifelong struggle with anxiety. Sitting quietly and brushing color on paper left me nearly as calm and centered as my newly developed meditation practice.

Now I paint or sketch nearly every single day. The only thing that stops me are occasional sick or travel days. But even then, I can’t stay away for long. I don’t think I’ve gone 48 hours since early 2015!

Upcoming Exhibitions

– What Lies Beneath, solo art show at Anthropologie in downtown Seattle, May 1 – 31, 2018


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